Mini Haul and Review: Coloured Raine Liquid Lipsticks, Sacha Buttercup Powder and more


After lusting over some of these items for months, I finally convinced myself to get them. I am happy with EVERYTHING I got (yassssssss). My favorite thing out of all the products are the Coloured Raine liquid lipsticks, OMG … just OMG. I am burning with excitement to tell you guys about these lippies. Let’s just get into this haul!

Coloured Raine Liquid Lipstick


Mars– This is probably Coloured Raine’s most popular color in the liquid lipsticks. Seriously, I have heard so many people on YouTube and Instagram rant and rave about this color. I must admit…it’s worth the hype. I was really stepping out of my comfort zone when purchasing this color (let’s just say, I love my reds and purples). However, I am so happy I decided to give this color a try because it’s gorgeous. Mars is a bright color but can be toned down with lip liner. This color is currently sold out on Coloured Raine’s website (not sure when they will be restocking), but can also be purchased on Ricky’s NYC. The liquid lipstick retails for $16.50 on Coloured Raine’s website and $17.00 on Ricky’s. SN: Please excuse my eyebrows in the photo below, they are in the process of growing (a story for another time… haha).


Cherry Blossom–  This lipstick right here y’all, this lipstick right here is… EVERYTHING. After reading this, I highly suggest you go place an order…. and yes, it’s really that serious. If you love a red lip with a blue undertone, then you will love this color. This color wears BEAUTIFULLY on darker skin but anyone could SLAY in this color. I could probably make a whole blog post ranting about the majestical powers of this lipstick, but instead I will just convince you to buy it.  I’ve actually started to fall in love with liquid lipsticks these past couple of months, and I think Coloured Raine actually has one of the best liquid matte formulas. When wearing the lipstick I didn’t experience any patchiness or crumbling, like I have with other liquid lipsticks. I really can say I like the company! I didn’t experience any problems and my order came within the week I placed it. The liquid lipstick retails for $16.50.


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Sacha Buttercup Powder

Confession: I only bought this product because Jackie Aina raves about it all the time on her YouTube channel. I had super high hopes for this product, and the product DELIVERED. The Sacha Buttercup Powder is the BOMB!!! Honestly, I don’t know what more I can say other than that. For those of you who don’t know, this powder is a setting powder. A lot of people compare this setting powder to Ben Nye’s Banana Powder. Both products work the same, but Sacha’s Buttercup Powder works better for African Americans because the powder has more of a yellow undertone. What I love about the Buttercup Powder is the matte finish you get and it makes your makeup pop. For example, I only use the setting powder under my eyes and it brightens them up. Oh, and the shipping on this baby was fast (it only took 3 days to deliver). The Sacha Buttercup Powder retails for $20.00.  I did insert a picture of the Buttercup Powder below because I wanted to show you guys how yellow the powder is.


Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

IMG_2488 IMG_2492

I haven’t gotten a chance to play around with these eyeshadows. I’ve only swatched them, but so far I am impressed! The eyeshadows are only $6.00 a piece and are super pigmented. I got the colors Bitten and Crème Brulee. Bitten is described as a matte deep maroon red and Crème Brulee is described as medium sand color with a matte finish. So far, I’m really impressed with these eyeshadows. I will be posting looks with these shadows soon, keep your eyes open!


M.A.C Vamplify Lipgloss

Another product that I haven’t fully worn yet. I did swatch the lipgloss on my lips once and was happy with the results. I will say, I prefer liquid lipsticks over glosses. However, one thing I really liked about the M.A.C Vamplify gloss is the color payoff. I got the gloss in the color Modern Drama and love it. Modern Drama wears as a deep burgundy (perfect for fall) and the formula is thick. I really like how thick the formula is because I don’t like a gloss that wears sheer. The gloss retails for $20.00.


Bare Minerals Tinted Mineral Veil

Bare Mineral’s Mineral Veil isn’t new to me but this is my first time using the tinted version. I stopped using the original Mineral Veil because I felt it made my skin look ashy. The tinted version is slightly darker then the original but if you have dark skin then it will go on clear.  I have no complaints, I love using it. If you have oily skin, I would say something like this is a must. I carry it in my makeup bag to touch up any oily spots on my face. Bare Mineral’s Tinted Mineral Veil retails for $21.00.


Beauty Gurus that Rock

1. Jackie Aina

How do you say you love everything about someone without sounding crazy? Well, I absolutely love everything about Ms. Jackie Aina (call me crazy)! Her youtube channel is amazing and she is making it happen for all chocolate girls around the world (yassssss). Aside from Jackie being hilarious, she is also very knowledgeable (home girl knows her craft y’all). Every time I watch her YouTube channel, I learn something new. SN: Jackie’s Snapchat stories are LIFE (story time is the best). Honestly, just follow her on everything! You won’t get enough of her.

Jackie Aina (Youtube)

Photo from: Jackie’s Youtube

Instagram: jackieaina

Youtube: Jackie Aina

Snapchat: jackieaina

2. Shayla

Shayla is straight GOALS, she has no OFF DAYS (#Slayla). I love the makeup looks she comes up with because they are always perfect. Shayla never has a hair out of place, an eyebrow crocked, a nail broken, etc. Do I need to say it again? She’s goals. I love watching her Snapchat videos because they are HILARIOUS and motivational. In her snaps she is always motivating her followers to get to the gym and shows us her workouts that she does with her trainer. Not to mention, she gives posing seminars on Snapchat so we can slay just like her (just go on Instagram and #shaylataughtme you’ll get it). Also, she teaches online makeup classes as well!

Makeupshayla (twitter)

Photo from: Shayla’s Twitter

Instagram: makeupshayla

Snapchat: Makeupshayla

Online classeIs:

3. Arnell Zinnerman

I love Arnell’s face, her features are beyond amazing! And let me just say, her eyebrows are always on FLEEK (yes, always). What I love about her is how real she is. If she thinks a product is complete crap, she lets her followers know. I’m always watching her snaps because she gives in depth makeup tutorials. Oh, and I love her personality! She’s so sweet but takes no bull (don’t come for her, period).

Arnell (instagram)

Photo from: Arnell’s Instagram

Instagram: Arnell.Armon

Snapchat: lovearnell

4. Irishcel Puello

I love watching Irishcel’s snaps and Youtube videos because she is so upbeat! She’s definitely not afraid to be herself and I love that. The makeup looks she comes up with are BOMB, always. Not to mention, she is super creative with color combinations. After watching her videos, I’m always inspired to play with different colors. Oh, and if you love highlight like she does, then you’ll love her because she is always about that highlight.What’s great about Irishcel is how humble she is.  Seriously, she seems like the sweetest girl ever.

Iris (pinterest)

Photo from:

Instagram: irisbeilin

Snapchat: irisbeilin07

Youtube: Irishcel507

New Product Update: M.A.C Vamplify Collection


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Earlier today M.A.C released the Vamplify Lipgloss collection and OMG I’m in love. The collection is only available online but will be in stores from Sept.3- Oct.15, 2015 according to Lipstickjunkieforever’s Instagram page (if you don’t follow her, drop everything and follow her).  The new collection includes 17 amazing colors. What I love about this collection is that there’s a color for EVERYONE. If you love nudes, there’s nudes. If you love purples and pinks, there’s purples and pinks (do you see where I’m going with this?). The glosses  are $20.00 a pop.


Photo from: Lipstickjunkieforever’s Instagram

Can we just take a moment to admire how pigmented those glosses are? I mean look at how pretty the olors are! Seriously, M.A.C you can just take all of my money now.


Y’all I am loving the packaging as well, It’s just so cute!

So because I was drooling over this and wasn’t able to get my funds together in time, I only ordered one of the glosses (the college struggle). I will definitely be posting my thoughts about M.A.C’s Vamplify Lip Glosses once I receive my gloss in the mail. I am hoping these wear as good as they look.