Beauty Gurus that Rock

1. Jackie Aina

How do you say you love everything about someone without sounding crazy? Well, I absolutely love everything about Ms. Jackie Aina (call me crazy)! Her youtube channel is amazing and she is making it happen for all chocolate girls around the world (yassssss). Aside from Jackie being hilarious, she is also very knowledgeable (home girl knows her craft y’all). Every time I watch her YouTube channel, I learn something new. SN: Jackie’s Snapchat stories are LIFE (story time is the best). Honestly, just follow her on everything! You won’t get enough of her.

Jackie Aina (Youtube)

Photo from: Jackie’s Youtube

Instagram: jackieaina

Youtube: Jackie Aina

Snapchat: jackieaina

2. Shayla

Shayla is straight GOALS, she has no OFF DAYS (#Slayla). I love the makeup looks she comes up with because they are always perfect. Shayla never has a hair out of place, an eyebrow crocked, a nail broken, etc. Do I need to say it again? She’s goals. I love watching her Snapchat videos because they are HILARIOUS and motivational. In her snaps she is always motivating her followers to get to the gym and shows us her workouts that she does with her trainer. Not to mention, she gives posing seminars on Snapchat so we can slay just like her (just go on Instagram and #shaylataughtme you’ll get it). Also, she teaches online makeup classes as well!

Makeupshayla (twitter)

Photo from: Shayla’s Twitter

Instagram: makeupshayla

Snapchat: Makeupshayla

Online classeIs:

3. Arnell Zinnerman

I love Arnell’s face, her features are beyond amazing! And let me just say, her eyebrows are always on FLEEK (yes, always). What I love about her is how real she is. If she thinks a product is complete crap, she lets her followers know. I’m always watching her snaps because she gives in depth makeup tutorials. Oh, and I love her personality! She’s so sweet but takes no bull (don’t come for her, period).

Arnell (instagram)

Photo from: Arnell’s Instagram

Instagram: Arnell.Armon

Snapchat: lovearnell

4. Irishcel Puello

I love watching Irishcel’s snaps and Youtube videos because she is so upbeat! She’s definitely not afraid to be herself and I love that. The makeup looks she comes up with are BOMB, always. Not to mention, she is super creative with color combinations. After watching her videos, I’m always inspired to play with different colors. Oh, and if you love highlight like she does, then you’ll love her because she is always about that highlight.What’s great about Irishcel is how humble she is. ¬†Seriously, she seems like the sweetest girl ever.

Iris (pinterest)

Photo from:

Instagram: irisbeilin

Snapchat: irisbeilin07

Youtube: Irishcel507